Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Negative Space Signage Update!

Improbably enough, I actually have some news regarding the first sign I included on this blog, the signage of the Brookfield Public Library.

As I mentioned in the post, the lights were on for "Brookfield" and "Public", but were not working for "Library".

There was some news today regarding "Library" in our local weekly paper, The Riverside/Brookfield Landmark:

Library board nixes $4K expense for sign lighting

If you drive by the Brookfield Public Library at night you may see the words "Brookfield" and "Public" on the sign on the building, but you'll have to really strain to make out the word "Library." That's because the word Library is unlit.

After eight months of trouble with the sign, the library has decided not to replace the neon lights of the sign because it would cost approximately $4,000 to make the word "Library" shine again.

Since it costs approximately $500 to repair each letter of the sign, Library Director Kimberly Litland has recommended that the library look for other ways to illuminate the sign.

The library has been having intermittent problems with the sign for the last eight months.

Instead of repairing the sign the library is exploring other options such as "up lighting" the sign which would involve having an outdoor light illuminate the sign.

"We're looking for solutions," said Carol Mattar, the public relations coordinator for the library.

-Bob Skolnik


Freida Bee said...

Oh My Gosh. THis mews is shocking and your timing and first blog pick exceptional!

Freida Bee said...

THis mews is news to me.