Monday, June 22, 2009

The Night Bazaar Place

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The Night Bazaar Place
41 ChangKlan Rd., Muang
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Taken by Lulu on 04/15/2009

Lulu took the above picture a while ago, and I haven't gotten around to posting it because I didn't know what the sign was for, or what it translated to.

I didn't really want to put the pic up without understanding what it said. Lulu did not know the meaning of the sign, and I sure as hell didn't.

A little while ago, I was picking up some food at a local Thai restaurant. One of the people there was watching some foreign news on their laptop.

I remembered that I had the pics sent by Lulu sitting on my Gmail account. I asked the person if she could look at the picture and translate the sign for me. She agreed to help!

She said the words didn't translate to English, but were basically Thai sounds put together to make an English phrase phonetically. If you sound out the Thai syllables, it roughly equates to "Night Bazaar Place".

I actually found a hotel called "The Night Bazaar Place", so I am going to take a leap of faith and say Lulu's picture is of that hotel.

Here's the translation the nice woman did for me, by the way.

(she meant to write "Bazaar". I'll let it slide, seeing as I cannot read/write/speak Thai at all)

Brookfield Public Library Signage Update!

Yes, the exclamation point in this post's title was warranted.

It looks like enough funds were scraped together to get the "Library" part of "Brookfield Public Library" illuminated (problems with funding it previously reported here).

The "A" looks a little off-color, but I'm happy to see the fully-illuminated sign regardless.

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