Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oakbrook Center Entrances

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Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Taken by Splotchy 04/05/2008

I was heading over to the Van Kampen Funds building (post forthcoming) in Oak Brook, Illinois to do a reshoot. I had been there before but I hadn't been satisfied with the photos I had taken.

It was kind of late, but I figured I'd stop by Oakbrook Center, an outside mall that caters to upper middle-class shoppers, to see what kind of signage they had there. Oh my, oh my, I must have documented between thirty and forty instances of negative space signage. There were enough that I'm going to tag photos from this mall with a special Oakbrook Center label.

I'm not sure if it's true all over the world, but it seems that in this case negative space signage is somehow supposed to give an establishment an aura of classiness. That's the impression I got, at any rate.

I have a series of pictures I took on April 1st in the North and Clybourn area of Chicago, which these days is also a pretty upscale shopping district. Some stores I photographed were in both the North/Clybourn areas and in Oakbrook Center.

I'm planning on publishing the photos of the same store in different locations as back-to-back posts in the near future.

The signs above were located at a couple different entrypoints to the mall complex.

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