Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kimball Office Furniture

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Kimball Office Furniture
325 N Wells St # 100
Chicago, IL 60610
Taken by Splotchy 04/15/2008


I recently figured out that some other signage in the same vicinity, which I had been unable to find an address for, actually belonged to Kimball Office as well.

The "National" refers to National Office Furniture, which is a line carried by Kimball Office Furniture.


Drew said...

Isn't there another sign right above that Kimball sign for a school or something?

Splotchy said...

You are correct, sir!

It's visible in this post.

Kimball Office Furniture is everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!

Splotchy said...

The "Kimball Office" sign included in this post, by the way, is not the one that's facing the river. It's actually on the side of the building, facing the El tracks, across from the Merchandise Mart (the same side that has the National signage).