Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Romance of Negative Signage

Both Tim and PJ sent me an image of the Yahoo sign in Sunnyvale, California they found on the web.

This is the first time I'm including a negative signage image from the web, rather than one that was personally submitted. In all likelihood, it will be the last web image I post here.

Since this is Valentine's Day, I'll give you a little insight into what I find romantic. I don't think romantic comedies are all that romantic. I don't think flowers are inherently romantic, or chocolates, or holidays that say it's time to be romantic.

For me, romance comes down to moments in time. These kinds of romantic moments can be sexy, non-sexy, solitary, with another person, or in a group of people. You can try adding alcohol, moody lighting or good music to trigger them, but there is no certainty of their occurrence.

This concept of romance I am talking about is much broader than the stereotypical one people bandy about on Valentine's Day. It's a joy of being alive, of being connected -- it's something sensual, and something deeply personal.

I don't know when these romantic moments will happen. In fact, they can happen quite unexpectedly.

I think of this blog as kind of romantic, for lack of a better word. I have chosen a largely black template, where the pictures taken can glow, as if at night.

The purpose and the process of this blog is also romantic to me. I like the idea of roaming the streets at night, taking pictures. I like the idea that potentially other people are wandering their own streets as well, connected to me with a singular (though perhaps a little silly) purpose.

I don't know. It all just sounds romantic to me.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Freida Bee said...

I totally agree. I love lurking around in the dark taking pictures. I feel like a voyeur. Being seen taking a picture in the dark is like kissing someone in public. People usually mind their own business, but sometimes they watch.

Splotchy said...

Thank you, Freida Bee, for being the hopeless romantic that you are!

Beth said...

Splotchy, that's the best description I've read of "romantic" in ages.

Splotchy said...

beth, you're a sweetheart. Thanks.

lulu said...

Every year I try to explain the concept of "Romantic" in the literary tradition, to a bunch of goofy high school kids who think that romance is about candy and cards and flowers. Thanks for another viewpoint.

FranIAm said...

Splotchy- you continue to amaze and delight.

That is romantic indeed.